Project Participants

Precision Sensing Group

Research Engineer

Omeed Mirbod

Omeed Mirbod is a Research Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute. His focus is on developing machine vision systems and algorithms that can be applied to applications in agriculture. He completed his B.S. at University of California San Diego and worked in industry for a few years in areas of computer vision and embedded systems.

On this project Omeed will focus on using techniques in computer vision to extract different phenotypes in vineyards in order to help with better management of fruit quality and increased uniformity in the field.

Research Engineer

Zania Pothen

Zania Pothen works as a Research Engineer on the Precision Vineyard Sensing project at Carnegie Mellon University. Her primary focus, is to develop efficient and robust computer vision algorithms for detecting vine berries and measuring berry characteristics from images collected in vineyards. She has completed her Masters in Robotics System Development from Carnegie Mellon University in 2013.

Post Doctoral Researcher

Abhisesh Silwal